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World Physics System Documentation

Unity3D | WorldPhysicsSystemWebDemo | Available for Download Here

The World Physics System is a celestial body & point gravity scripting interface for the Unity3D game engine. It is coherently designed, implemented, and documented to be easy to use and extend. What follows is a short introduction, along with links to the Demo, Documentation, Video Tutorials, and User Forums.


The World Physics System allows you to simulate planetary orbits, body-body attraction, and "snowballing" effects, and also allows you to create the style of games which depict circular worlds in a cartoon or more realistic manner. The World Physics System is implemented with a dynamic assortment of three main classes, which can also be mixed and matched on many different Game Objects, allowing for complex attractors and repulsive forces. The code is lightweight and robust, giving you the ability to be creative with point gravitation, perhaps using the system as a component for other effects, such as spells, powerups, and goal-based NPC artificial intelligences.

Important Links:

1: Interactive Demo

2: API & Documentation

3: Video Tutorials

4: Support & User Forums

5: Purchase World Physics System at the Unity3D Asset Store ~ $15 Introductory Price

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