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Written by Nimbus Garden   
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 20:00
Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.

Information We Collect

We collect a minimal amount of information for the users who enjoy our games, including player names, whether they be email addresses, nicknames, or other accounts and/or password. We would only ask for your email or accounts as a mechanism to verify your account, to provide a means to recover your password should you forget it, or to keep you informed of a game's status as you play, for Leaderboards and such.

We record game scores each time you play a game, as well as the frequency and times in which you play games. These scores are used in the leaderboards for purposes of competition. On some games we record a surprising amount of game-related details.  These are used to improve game development and increase the performance of future versions.

Email Usage

We will never sell, rent, lease, barter with, or share your personal information, including your email. Any communication we do initiate with you via email will include the opportunity to opt-out of further communication by email.

Nimbus Garden, Inc.

Nimbus Garden is the company behind Sprouts.


Contacting the Site

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or Sprouts, please contact:

The Nimbus Garden Team
Attn: Software Privacy
Nimbus Garden
522 Sheldon Ave, Suite 2
Houghton, MI 49931

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Cloud Creation Services

Nimbus Garden Inc. is a techno art & code house focused on radical mobile software and revolutionary interface design...


 ...but, we also have a knack at building business infrastructure.



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Our Personal Approach to each business and organizational scenario (we're talking software design here, for the architecture that supports your venture, this is not marketing speak), we've found, is best-suited to small businesses and startups looking for a comprehensive overhaul, or thorough analysis, review, and redesign of their entire web-aware and collaborative software options.  Our style of collaboration is informal, and we can hopefully invigorate your organization with a collaboration between us, which begins as a conversation about Software, and what it currently isn't, and can do for your Team.

Have one of our software architects address your situation through a personal consultation.

Your starting point is contacting our Cloud Creation Team.

 That said, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy   , so:

We Also Have Several Games Under Active Development :)

Welcome to Nimbus Garden!

Nimbus Garden Inc. is a techno art & code house focused on radical mobile software and revolutionary interface design.

Our mantra at Nimbus Garden is "grow great games."  We hope you enjoy them!

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Only the Best

The Nimbus Garden programmers are among the best around. Our "Gardeners" hail from across the globe, and are veterans of industry leaders and academic powerhouses.

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The Keweenaw Peninsula

We chose to locate The Nimbus Garden Software Company in the Keweenaw Peninsula, on Lake Superior, because of the exceptional engineering and artistic community generated by Michigan Technological University, Finlandia University, and for the pristine natural beauty found throughout the region.

The Time to Invest is Now

The earliest investors stand to benefit the most, and will be rewarded with a commanding stake in one of the most innovative new companies so far this century. If you or your organization is in a position to support our development and growth, please do not hesitate to contact our executive staff.

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