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We chose to locate The Nimbus Garden Software Company in the Keweenaw Peninsula, on Lake Superior, because of the exceptional engineering and artistic community generated by Michigan Technological University, Finlandia University, and for the pristine natural beauty found throughout the region.


If you love Northern California, Florida, AND Scandinavia, the Keweenaw might just be the perfect mix of high technology and the outdoor adventurer's playground. The weather "UP here" is significant, and creates a fiercely independent and hardy community that is proud to be further North than 90% of Canada's population.


Google Map of the Keweenaw, MI
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Long known for its copper and mineral wealth, the Keweenaw economy has suffered since the closure of the mining companies that once supported a much larger collection of boom towns. Their departure has allowed the wilderness to reclaim many of the old stone ruins, and vestiges of their heyday punctuate a rugged landscape.


Michigan Technological University is fast becoming one of the premier universities in the United States for Computer Science and a host of other engineering disciplines. At Nimbus Garden, we couldn't ask for a better venue from which to change the computing world.