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TrackingToggle.KeybindList Class Reference

Public Attributes

KeyCode toggleKey = KeyCode.Tab
KeyCode toggleModifier = KeyCode.LeftShift

Detailed Description

This class wraps the keybindings for the toggler

Member Data Documentation

KeyCode TrackingToggle.KeybindList.toggleKey = KeyCode.Tab

The key which performs the toggling.

If the key is pressed by itself, the next target is selected. If the key is pressed in conjunction with toggleModifier, the previous target is selected.

See Also
KeyCode TrackingToggle.KeybindList.toggleModifier = KeyCode.LeftShift

The key which determines if you should toggle backwards and forwards.

If this key is depressed, pressing toggleKey will go to the previous target, If this key is not pressed, the next taregt in the list will be chosen.

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