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Unity3D | DynamicCameraWebDemo | Available for Download Here

DynamicCamera is a multi-purpose camera controller that can serve as the foundation for all your game- and interactivity-development camera movement needs. It is coherently designed, implemented, and documented to be easy to use and extend. What follows is a short introduction, along with links to the Demo, Documentation, Video Tutorials, and User Forums.


To setup the dynamic camera, simply attach the DynamicCamera.cs script to any camera GameObject. Set the primary target to the GameObject you wish to follow, and then set the mode to a movement control scheme that suits your particular need or current game state. Other scripts are included, which may also be added to a camera controlled by DynamicCamera.cs to augment and enhance DynamicCamera's functionality in several nuanced ways.

Important Links:

1: Interactive Demo

2: API & Documentation

3: Video Tutorials

4: Support & User Forums

5: Purchase DynamicCamera at the Unity3D Asset Store ~ $15 Introductory Price

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